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domanda 1

Choose the right intensifier

A. He isn't very popular. He has friends

B. Ann is very busy these days. She has
free time.

C. Did you take
photographs when you were on holidays?

D. I'm not very busy today. I haven't got
to do.

E. The museum was very crowded. There were too

F. There are
people in England, more in India, but the most people live in China.

G. Most of the town is modern. There are
old buildings.

H. The weather has been very dry recently. We've had

I. Wow! Look at that! How
books do you have on your shelves? I have to tell you it's a great collection!

J. I only have a

people believe in God.

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative

A. Jordi gave very reasons for closing down the bar.

people came to see the play. It was rather sad.

C. I normally have
red wine with my lunch. It's good for you.

D. Very
people went to see that film. I don't know why. It's excellent.

E. He's not a good teacher. He's unimaginative and has very
patience with children.

F. I've been to that Asturian restaurant
times. It's good.

G. Come on! We've still got
time left to finish this.

people ever learn how to dance properly. It's such a shame.

I. Dress the salad with salt, pepper and
olive oil.

J. With time and
patience, you'll forget her and be happy again.

of that group's songs are excellent but I don't really like most of their music.

L. I've got 20 Euros and
coins. That should be enough for tonight.

domanda 3

EXIT TEST- how much, how many, a few, a little, a lot of, some or any. Fill in the right intensifier

A. Only of his friends came. The room was almost empty.

B. Are there
tomatoes in the salad?

bread do we have in the kitchen?

cups of coffee do you drink every day?

E. I buy
bananas every week.

F. I ate
soup for dinner.

rice do we have?

H. There are
beans in the soup.

traffic is on the freeway now?

J. I don't have
money for lunch.

K. She doesn't like
dressings on her French fries.

L. We don't drink

M. Is there
cheese in the salad?

N. We like
on our toast.