GRADABLE / UNGRADABLE adjectives - Advanced

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question 1

GRADABLE / UNGRADABLE ADJECTIVES - Match the following gradable with its ungradable equivalent
e.g. small - tiny

A. big -

B. good -

C. exciting -

D. surprising -

E. amusing -

F. embarrassing -

G. bad -

H. confused -

I. hungry -

J. tired -

K. dirty -

L. clean -

M. old -

N. wet -

O. angry -

question 2

Select the correct adverb.

A. It's cold today. You should wear a warm coat.

B. I thought the film was absolutely

C. I felt completely
after I watched "The Ring".

D. My brother's absolutely
. He wants to be a surgeon.

E. I was
tired after running the marathon.

F. I find documentaries about animals

G. I'm scared of my neighbour's new dog. It's

H. I was very
when she told me she was pregnant.

I. I was absolutely
when my boss told me to work over the

J. English food is absolutely
. It's the best in the world.