If Clause: IF / UNLESS

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question 1

IF or UNLESS? Choose the right alternative

A. You won't be allowed into the club you aren't a member.

you turn on the light, you won't be able to see!

we don't arrive on time, they won't wait for us.

D. Sophie won't be in the show tonight
she feels better.

E. Jason'll come at with us
he was to look after his little sister.

Nadia doesn't fell well, she'll have to go home.

G. We'll have to cancel the tennis match
it stops raining.

H. My parents'll worry
I don't tell them where I am.

I. My mum will be worried unless

J. Unless
hard, we won't pass the exam.

K. I'll never speak to him again if

L. Unless
them, they won't find at the won't find at the truth.

he advertises in the newspaper he will sell a lot of goods.

I'm mistaken, that's certainly Mr Jones.

it's very cold,we will probably not have snow.

you use high quality material, you can't build a good house.

you finish work early,we can play tennis.

you don't keep your promises,you 'll lose your friends.

you study hard,you won't get a scholarship.

you tell me what you want I can get it for you.

you think about it you will make the right decision.

V. I'll punish you
you break one of my favorite vases.

W. Don't interrupt the meeting
it's an emergency.

question 2

A. I'll go to the concert with you tonight my boss asks me to work overtime this evening.

B. He must study
he doesn't want to flunk the course.

C. You won't be able to describe the picture
you look at it carefully.

D. Don't do it
you're not sure of the consequences.

you don't mind, I'll sit here.

he moves to another country, it'll probably be to Australia.

you ever come to California, feel free to visit us.

H. Just let it go
you don't want to be involved in any argument.

I. Life on the planet will be impossible
we don't fight against air and water pollution.

you love her, marry her.

K. He shouldn't drive
he doesn't have a driver's license.

L. He'll be sent to jail
he's caught in the act.

M. Sign the document only
you read it carefully.

she works hard, she won't get a promotion.

you buy the tickets in advance, you won't be able to see that concert.

P. Don't do it
you don't want to.

you don't understand the exercise, I'll try to help you.

she does well in the interview, she won't be accepted in the Ph.D. program.

we learn from our mistakes, we may repeat them.