Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Fill in the missing verb in the present progressive form

A. They (get) married on Thursday in the village church. They (have) the reception at home.

C. I
(arrive) at 10 and Peter (come) to pick me up at the airport

E. It's John's birthday so we
(go) to the restaurant this evening. We (meet) for a drink at 7.

G. He
(retire) next month. He'll be 65. We (have) a big retirement party.

I. What
(you/do) next year? (you/go) to university?

M. We have big plans for our holidays. We
(fly) to California and then renting a car.

N. The first two nights, we
(stay) in San Francisco.

domanda 2

Put the verb in the correct form

This year, we A.(hold) the conference in hotel just outside Lisbon in Portugal. The conference B.(start) on Monday 10 April and C.(last) five days. This year people D.(come) from all over the world. Most E. (arrive) on Sunday before and F. (leave) on the Saturday after the conference. Each day G.(begin) with breakfast at 9 in the lobby. We H.(have) a break for lunch from 12.30 at 2pm and the day I.(finish) at 5.30. Our President J.(open) the conference at 9.30 on Monday. The conferences K.(end) with a big dinner in Lisbon on Friday evening. I L.(give) a presentation on Tuesday morning and I'm very worried about it.