CAUSATIVE FORM (FARE+infinito) - Advanced

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Complete the causative form

My house is a mess!
A. I think the carpenter should fix my door. I'll have
my door.

B. I think the cleaner should wash my windows. I'll have
my windows.

C. I think the gardener should cut my grass. I'll have
my grass.

D. I think the builder should fix my roof. I'll have
my roof.

E. I think the plumber should mend my tap. I'll have
my tap.

F. I think the cook should prepare all the meals. I'll have
all meals.

G. I think the baby-sitter should look after my children. I'll have
my children.

H. I think the maid should wash and iron all the clothes. I'll have
all the clothes.

question 2

Complete the causative form. Use the right tenses.
e.g. : Did John do Mary's homework? - Did Mary get John to do her homework?

A. The optician tested John's eyes yesterday. Yesterday John his eyes.

B. The doctor is checking Donald's blood pressure at the moment. Donald
his blood pressure.

C. Does the milkman deliver Lucy's milk to her house? Does
the milk to her house.

D. Is the dentist taking Mary's tooth out? Is Mary
her tooth out?

E. Would the painter decorate Geena's house? Would Geena
her house?

question 3

Complete the causative form. Use the right tenses.

My car is a mess!
A. The tires need replacing. I'll

B. The oil needs changing. I'll

C. The ashtrays need emptying. I'll

D. The engine needs tuning up. I'll

E. The brakes need fixing. I'll

F. The gas tank needs filling. I'll