DURATION FORM - for, since & until
domanda 1


A. He's been a policeman
he graduated from university.

B. Samuel worked in the the garden
three hours.

C. I haven't seen Maggie
the party.

D. I've been working here
almost a year.

E. I have been living here
I was born.

F. She's been studying English
over six years.

G. I have had this hat
quite a few years.

H. I've had a headache
this morning.

I. Carlos's had internet at home
August last year.

J. I played tennis
two hours.

K. They've been in that meeting

L. Mr. Williams has been working at that company
less than a week.

M. They have been cleaning their house
several hours.

N. I haven't slept well
last Monday.

O. It has been raining
yesterday afternoon.

P. He has played tennis
a long time.

Q. Roy has been playing the violin
he was ten years old.

R. Fred has been in the supermarket
less than an hour.

S. I haven't played baseball
I was a junior high school student.

T. Ken has been studying karate
five years.

U. Matt hasn't seen Clare
his school days.

domanda 2


A. I've lived in America I was five years old.

B. I lived in America
I was five years old.

C. He said he would be away

D. I've been married
five years now.

E. Mom and Dad have gone away
a few days.

F. Wait here
I come back.

G. I stayed up
three in the morning.

H. It has been raining
he arrived.

I. I have been studying
half an hour.

J. I have been away
five p.m.

K. I am going on a holiday
three weeks. Can you feed my cat?

Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco