DURATION FORM - Intermediate

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   Domanda 1   
Duration or Non-duration ?

A.Tom is studying in his room; since 4 o'clock

B.Jane went to the cinema; two hours ago

C.Jack is at the cinema; for two hours

D.Timothy lived in England when he was a boy; for three years

E.When she was an actress, Carol worked for the Universal Studios; for ten months

F.Diana's lost weight, she is exercising; for six months

G.John met Kim; in 1996

H.I learned English when I stayed in Malta; for three years

I.I am not meeting Robin; for two weeks

J.In Italy children learn English; since they are 6.

K.When he was 9, Charles learned Spanish; for 6 months.

L.When he was 9, Patricia played the guitar; for 3 years already.

   Domanda 2   
We ______________ English for five years.

A have been learning
B have been learned
C are learning

   Domanda 3   
________________ the piano in the other room?

A Has Kate been playing
B Is Kate playing
C Has Kate playing

   Domanda 4   
Mr Williams ____________ our neighbour for three years

A has been
B is being
C is

   Domanda 5   
John ____________ in France for five years when he was a boy.

A has lived
B lived
C is living

   Domanda 6   
I _______________ here for half an hour

A am standing
B have stood
C have been standing

   Domanda 7   
Alan ________________ the piano since two o'clock.

A has been playing
B is playing
C has been played

   Domanda 8   
The sun _______________ since this morning

A is shining
B has shining
C has been shining

   Domanda 9   
How long ________________ the drums?

A have you played
B have you play
C are you playing

   Domanda 10   
I _________________ for Dylan since six o'clock, but he hasn't come yet

A am waiting
B have been waited
C have been waiting

   Domanda 11   
Jessica _________ a lot at her music classes. Her teacher must be very good.

A Has been learning
B Is learning
C Has learning

   Domanda 12   
Transform the following PRESENT SIMPLE tenses into Duration Forms

A.I have this hat. I this hat for quite a few years.

B.He is a policeman. He a policeman since he graduated from university.

C.Fred is at the supermarket. Fred in the supermarket for less than an hour.

D.I don't see Maggie. I Maggie since the party.

E.Carlos has got internet at home. Carlos internet at home since August last year.

F. They are on a meeting. They in that meeting since 8:00.

G.I don't sleep well. I well since last Monday.

H.I play baseball. I (negative) baseball since I was a junior high school student.

I.I've a headache. I a headache since this morning.

J.Matt knows Clare. Matt Clare since his school days.

   Domanda 13   
Transform the following PRESENT CONTINUOUS tenses into Duration Forms

A.It is raining. It since yesterday afternoon.

B.I'm working here. I here for almost a year.

C.She's studying English. She English for over six years.

D.I am playing tennis. I tennis for two hours.

E.Mr. Williams is working at that company. Mr Williams at that company for less than a week.

F.They are cleaning their house. They their house for several hours.

G.Roy is playing the violin. Roy the violin since he was ten years old.

H.I am living here. I here since I was born.

I.Ken is studying karate. Ken karate for five years.

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