SOME / ANY / A / AN - Intermediate

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QUESTIONS, OFFERS & REQUESTS - Choose the right alternative: SOME or ANY

A. Don't you know good restaurants in Vancouver?

B. "Would you like to have
coffee with your meal, Sir?" asked the waiter.

C. Do you have
newspapers left?

D. Would you like

E. Are there
books left?

F. Can you give me

G. Will you have
more cheese?

H. Have you got

I. Yes, I'd like
, please.

J. Can I have
milk in my tea?

K. Are there
apricots in the fridge?

L. Would you like
tomato sauce on your spaghetti?

M. You haven't got
reasons to be so suspicious.

N. Shall I give you
chocolate, dear?

O. When I go to my grandparents', they always give me

P. In my room I've got
posters of my favourite singers.