DETERMINERS: Somebody / something - BASIC

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Choose the right alternative: somebody/anybody/nobody ?

A. I hear a noise. There must be in the garden.

B. Is there
who wants to go to the cinema with me?

C. Does
speak English in this hotel?

D. There's
hidden behind that bush.

wants to speak to me, and I don't know why.

took your coat. It's over there on that chair.

G. The door is locked. There isn't
at home.

walks in the park at this time of the evening.

I. We need
to play the crocodile.

knows you better than your mother.

K. Is there
in the house?

L. I must find
who can repair my moped.

M. This exercise is very easy. I am sure that
found it difficult.

N. Is there
in the class who can do this exercise?

O. Look! That seat is empty.
is sitting there.

P. I didn't know that!
told me.

Q . Will
help that poor old lady to cross the street?

R. Fortunately there is always
with good heart!

S. Please, do me a favour. Don't talk to
about this matter.

question 2

Choose the right alternative: something/anything/ nothing

A. Mr McKinly speaks very fast. I can't understand .

B. I have
to tell you.

C. Is there
I can do for you?

D. Would you like

E. I can hear
in the house next door.

F. Let's go out and have
. There's in the fridge.

G. I must go now.
can stop me.

H. Mrs Robinson hasn't put
in her bag.

I. There's
in that girl that attracts me.

J. I can't find
in this house.

has happened recently. Life is always the same.