DETERMINERS: Somebody / something / somewhere- ADVANCED

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Fill in the right determiner: -thing -body/-one, -where, some-, any-, no-, every- ?

A. gave me this book for my birthday, but I can't remember who it was.

B. What are we going to eat tonight? There's
in the fridge.

C. I think I did well in the test. I understood

D. I've got lots of friends at school, but
of them are as tall as me.

E. Where are my glasses? I've looked
for them and I can't find them.

F. Would you like
to eat?

G. The bus was full, and there was
to sit.

H. I rang your place four times this morning, but

I. Is there
to eat?

L. Here are some tips.
of them are helpful, but of them can make your memory 100% perfect.

M. We're bored. There's
to do here.

N. "Use your memory" by Tony Buzan is a brilliant book. I think
should read it.

O. Jim's lost his watch! He's looked
for it, but he can't find it.

P. My dad doesn't see his friends from London very often. That's why he was very happy that
came to his party.

Q. I checked that website and it's not very good. There's
interesting on it.

R. I invited lots of people to my party, but

S. I got the wrong number.
answered, but I didn't know who it was.

T. I need
to stay in Edinburgh this weekend. Do you know a good hotel?

U. Can you meet me after school? There's
I want to tell you.

V. Have we packed
? Let's look at our list and check.

question 2

Fill in the right determiner: -thing -body/-one, -where, some-, any-, no-, every- ?

A: Good morning . Christmas is near. It's time to choose the actors for the pantomime.

B: What are we going to do this year, sir?

A: Well, what about Peter Pan?

B: Wow!

A: Quiet, please, quiet. Now, we need
to play Peter Pan. Put your hands up, please. You Nick?

B: Yes, I'd like to do it.

A: Goog. What about Wendy? Is there
for that role?

B: Pam, why don't you play Tinker Bell? We'll have a lot of fun.

C: Er…ok. Me.

A: Pam? Very good. What about Captain Hook?

D: Me?

A: Ok. What about Tinker Bell?

E: Ok, here I am.

A: Now, the crocodile. Is there
for that role ?

D: That's a bit difficult.
wants that role!

A: Mmmh, Nick, it's for you! Tomorrow I will give you the script.