TOOLS and CONTAINERS - Intermediate

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domanda 1

Choose the right alternative


A. Use a
to clean your mouth.

B. A fork is a piece of
used to eat food.

C. It's used to drain off liquids, it's a

D. After having poured some coffee in a cup, put it on a

E. Keep some bread in the

F. Out of the
into the fire

G. It's a deep cooking pan with a handle, it's a

H. It's usually wooden, it's a

I. Never put a wet teaspoon back in the

J. It's a type of cup with usually tall, more or less vertical sides, it's a

K. It's used to transfer liquids from a container to another, it's a


L. I want to put some coffee in a

M. He has to buy a
of jam.

N. That
of wine is very nice.

O. I use a
to make some coffee.

P. There aren't any
of toothpaste.

Q. To make two dishes of pasta with tomatoes sauce, a
of peeled tomatoes is enough.

R. To make a dish of pasta with tuna, a tin of tuna is enough.

S. You have to throw away packets of pills in the bins out of chemist's shops.


T. He has to buy a
of eggs.

U. Would you like a
of beer?

V. I need a
of paper to draw.

W. A
of bread costs two pounds.

X. That bag weighs a

Y. Can you buy the
of the biscuits?

Z. The
of biscuits weighs at about two kilos

domanda 2



A. Tazzone -

B. Padella -

C. Ciotola -

D. Zuccheriera -

E. Tovagliolo -

F. Guanto da forno -

G. Scatola di cartone -

H. Pentola -

I. Bollitore -

J. Tagliere -

K. Colapasta -

L. Mestolo -

M. Posate -


N. - A

O. - A
of cereal

P. - A
orange juice

Q. - A
of paint

R. - A
of toothpaste

S. - A
of tomato sauce

T. -A
of soda

U. - A
of cigarette


V. - A
of eggs

W. - A
of paper

X. Confezione risparmio -

Y. Confezione famiglia -

Z. 1 pinta - A
of beer

AA. 1 libbra -