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domanda 1

Choose the right alternative


A. You can put some rice, some pasta or some soup, it's a

B. Can I have a
of coffee, please?

C. It's the name of a famous ballet, it's the

D. Can this
open any cans?

E. Use a
to grate cheese.

F. If the soup dish is hot, take it with a

G. I've just come back from the market, I have three

H. It's a cutting instrument, it's a

I. There are two
on the table.


J. Can I have
of wine, please?

K. A
of chocolate is a nice present.

L. Can you buy a
of eggs, please?

M. Reuse plastic
, it's better for the environment.

N. In the
there are three fishes.

O. I've just come back from the market, I have three


P. I would like a
of chocolate

Q. My cat usually plays with a
of wool.

R. I'm having a sandwich with a
of cheese and two tomatoes.

S. Excuse me, waiter, I'll have a
of red wine.

T. That bee weighs twenty

U. I need a
of flour to make a cake.

V. I play with my cat with a
of cotton.

domanda 2



A. Piatto -

B. Piatto fondo -

D. Coltello -

E. Cucchiaio -

F. Cucchiaino -

G. Tazza -

H. Teiera -

I. Apriscatole -

J. Borsa per la spesa -

K. Schiaccianoci -

L. Grattugia -


M. - A
of wine

N. - A
of tea

O. - A
of oil

P. - A
of milk

Q. - A
of cereal

R. - Shopping

S. - A
of cereal


T. - A
of pizza

U. - A
of cheese

V. - A
of chocolate

W. - A
of dark chocolate

X. Litro -

Y. 1kg -

Z. 2 kg - 2

AA. Grammo -

BB. - A