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domanda 1

and, but, or , so

A. We will visit Australia New Zealand during our next vacation.

B. My teeth were hurting
I made an appointment to go the dentist.

C. Have you seen
heard the latest musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber?

D. I wanted to go to the rock concert
all the tickets were already sold.

E. I wanted to eat sushi for dinner
I went to a Japanese restaurant.

F. I wanted to eat fish for lunch
the fish and chip shop had closed for the day.

G. I am going to do my homework
take a shower when I get home from school.

H. My father wanted to watch a soccer match on television
my mother was already watching another program.

I. My brother wanted to buy a novel
he went to the book store after he finished work.

J. I wanted to visit my grandmother last week
she had an accident and had to be taken to hospital.

domanda 2

so, and, but, or

A. Jaewon was cold, he put on a coat.

B. Maria tried to read a novel in French,
it was too difficult.

C. To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly,
you can ride the ferry.

D. I bought a bottle of wine,
we drank it together.

E. The waiter was not very nice,
the food was delicious.

F. I went to buy a Rolling Stones CD,
the shop didn't have it.

G. Anna needed some money,
she took a part-time job.

H. There's so much rain lately! Maybe it's because of El Nino,
maybe it's just coincidence.

I. Julie has a guitar,
she plays it really well.

J. The concert was cancelled,
we went to a nightclub instead.