Comparatives of MAJORITY - intermediate B

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domanda 1

Transform the following adjectives into adverbs with the relative comparatives
e.g. fluent - fluently - more fluently

A. little - ADV:

B. much - ADV:

C. early - ADV:

D. fair - ADV:

E. strong - ADV:

F. clever - ADV:

G. loud - ADV:

H. crazy - ADV:

I. yearly - ADV:

J. lovely - ADV:

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative

A. Bob is than his brother.

B. Who is
Mary or Jane?

C. The
I study the I know.

D. Every week Jerry runs
on the trail in an effort to train for the Boston Marathon.

E. Diana was

F. Sue ran
than Alison

G. My friend has to travel
than me to get to school

H. Pedro speaks English
than me

I. Alex writes
than Marta

J. David told me that we'd talk

K. Ken always works
than everyone else

L. My sister swims
than me

M. Jim and Sam both did well in the test, but Jim did it even
than Sam

N. The
you talk it over with Harold, the more confused he becomes.

O. Billy found that he could throw the ball
than anyone else.

domanda 3

Fill in the correct ADVERB form (comparative or superlative) of the ADJECTIVES in brackets.

A. Please work . (hard)

B. Steve works
. (hard)

C. Mary runs
than John does. (fast)

D. Mary runs
of all the runners on the team. (fast)

E. Steve gets to work
than I do. (early)

F. Steve gets to work
of all. (early)

G. John plays tennis
than Jack does. (good)

H. Of our tennis team, John plays tennis
. (good)

I. I did
on the test than Bart did. (bad)

J. On that test, I did
in the class. (bad)

K. My paper airplane flew
than yours did. (far)

L. My paper airplane flew
of all. (far)

M. "To lose weight you need to eat
." (little)

N. Jeff works
of all the students. (quiet)

O. Mary drives
than John does. (careful)

P. Of the three drivers, Mary drives
. (careful)

Q. Steve works
than he used to. (happy)

R. Mary sings
of all the girls in the group. (happy)

S. The new mechanic checked the car
than the old mechanic. (thoroughly).

T. Our new teacher explains
the exercises than our old teacher. (badly)