Comparatives of MAJORITY - BASIC

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What is the COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE form of these adjectives?

A)Big -

B)expensive -

C)Blue -

D)Red -

E)Small -

F)Tall -

G)Pretty -

H)Silly -

I)Intelligent -

K)Ugly -

L)Stupid -

M)Lazy -

N)Soft -

O)Good -

P)Bad -

Q)Little -

R)fast (adjective) -

S)Deep - -

T)Short -

U)Happy -

V)Beautiful -

W)Hot -

X)Lively -

Y)Unpleasant -

Choose the right alternative

A.Of all the sofas I've seen so far, this one is

B.American Beauty was the film that year.

C.This hamburger is bad, but that one is .

D.Samantha is just David

E.I'm not tall. I'm just Hans.

F.Texas is big but Alaska is .

G.She's beautiful I agree, but her mother is .

H.The London underground, the tube, is underground in the world.

I.The Tower of London is one of London sights.

J.Another sight is the London Eye. With its 135 metres, it is than any other big wheel in the world.

K.All the poems you selected are good, but only the one will get the prize.

L.Excuse me, where is drugstore?

M.Are you sure that Sydney is than Anchorage?

N.These computers are than those.

O.You are teacher I've ever had.

P.John is student in his class.

Look at the picture and complete the following comparatives and superlatives

A.Joe is Ed. (short)

B.Al is . (short)

C.Ed is . (thin)

D.Joe is Al. (thin)

E.Al has clothes. (colourful)

F.Al is Joe. (heavy)

G.Ed is . (light)

H.Joe is Ed. (happy)

I.Ed is . (serious)

J.Joe is than Ed. (energetic)

Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).

A.My house is yours. (big)

B.This flower is that one. (beautiful)

C.This is book I have ever read. (interesting)

D.Non-smokers usually live smokers. (long)

E.Which is animal in the world? (dangerous)

F.A holiday by the sea is a holiday in the mountains. (good)

G.It is strange but often a coke is a beer. (expensive)

H.Who is woman on earth? (rich)

I. The weather this summer is even last summer. (bad)

J.He was thief of all. (clever)

K.Los Angeles is Chicago. (large)

L.But New York is city in the United States. (large)

M.The weather in Hollywood is in New York or New Jersey. (good)

N.Nestor Studios is movie company in Hollywood. (old)

O.Disneyland is any other amusement park. (interesting)

P. John is Mike. (fat)

Q.Kim is . (fat)

R.Mike is . (thin)

S.John is than Kim. (thin)

T.Kim has computer. (expensive)

U.John's computer is Mike's. (cheap)

V.Kim is of all. (happy)

W.John is Mike. (happy)

X.Your book is mine. (interesting)

Y.Mike is John. (nice)

Z.London is city in Great Britain. (large)


A.Stanford è una delle Università più prestigiose (prestigious) del mondo. - Stanford .

B.Di solito gennaio è più freddo di dicembre. - January .

C.Questo computer portatile è più piccolo del mio, ma è anche molto più costoso. - This laptop is , but .

D.Alice è la persona più affidabile (reliable) che conosca. - Alice is .