Comparatives of EQUALITY - Intermediate

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Choose the right alternatives

A. She doesn't dance Carla Fracci

B. No other British city has
Inhabitants as London.

C. I haven't got

D. He studies

E. I've got

F. Susan has got

G. I did

H. This yoghurt does not taste
the one I bought yesterday.

I. Silver is

J. My house is

K. This flower is
that one.

domanda 2

Complete the following comparatives of EQUALITY

A. I don't have you have (patience)

B. We can run
they can. (fast)

C. She smiled
you she could (beautifully)

D. Her recipes are
they are tasty. (refined)

E. I can speak
you. (languages)

F. I do not earn
you do. (money)

G. I can do
you. (press-ups)

H. The blue car is
the red car. (fast)

I. Peter is
Fred. (tall)

J. The violin is
the cello. (low)

K. This copy is
the other one. (bad)

L. Oliver is
Peter. (optimistic)

M. Today it's
yesterday. (windy)

N. The tomato soup was
the mushroom soup. (delicious)

O. Grapefruit juice is
lemonade. (sweet)

P. Nick is
Kevin. (brave)