Comparatives of EQUALITY - Basic

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domanda 1

Choose the right alternatives to complete the following idioms

A. as white

B. as black

C. as heavy

D. as light

E. as tender

F. as slow

G. as fast

H. as fast

I. as cunning

J. as stupid

K. as stubborn

L. as silent

M. as fat

N. as blind

O. as brave

P. as happy

domanda 2

Build up the comparative of equality with the elements given below.
e.g. white /milk - As white as milk; pale / ghost - As pale as A ghost

A. stubborn/mule -

B. heavy/lead -

C. cunning/fox -

D. light/feather -

E. brave/lion -

F. fat/pig -

G. slow/snail -

H. fast/hare -

I. stupid/hen -

J. black/coal -

K. silent/fish -

L. blind/bat -

M. tender/butter -

domanda 3

Complete the following comparatives of equality

A. John is Glen. (tall)

B. They were
you. (clever)

C. Janet is
Jennifer. (beautiful)

D. This pen is
that one. (new)

E. You are
my sister. (crazy)

F. My mom is
your mum. (not strict)

G. Matrix II was
Matrix I. (not interesting)

H. Your mobile phone is
mine. (not trendy)

I. Britain isn't
Sweden. (big)

J. These seats aren't
those seats over there (comfortable).

K. This film isn't
I expected (interesting).

L. Mary is
George (strong).

M. I'm not short. I'm just
Hans. (tall)